About us

The mixed choir CHORUS OSTRAVA was established in 2008, based at the Faculty of Economics in the Technical University of Ostrava, and its members have a rich musical history. The choir is mostly formed from students of the Technical University and experienced ex-singers of the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University Choir which was well-known on the Ostrava music scene for more than 40 years under the leadership of its founder Prof. Lumír Pivovarský. And the many years of his kindly guidance together with the enthusiasm and courage of his gifted former student, Mgr. Jan Mlčoch, created this new choir at the Faculty of Economics in the Technical University of Ostrava in the autumn of 2008.

The members of CHORUS OSTRAVA continue the success of their late conductor Lumír Pivovarský, with significant awards in numerous home and international competitions, and concerts in European and non-European countries e.g. Japan, Mexico, Brazil. Currently the choir leads Mgr. Petra Rašíková who is the most talented student of Prof. Pivovarský.

CHORUS OSTRAVA often performs at ceremonial events at the Technical University, and gives concerts not only in the Moravian-Silesian region and the whole Czech Republic but also abroad. The history of the choir includes successful concert appearances at choral festivals and competitions in Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain and France.

In 2012, CHORUS OSTRAVA was awarded a silver medal at the „International Franz Schubert competition“ in Vienna (Austria).

In 2014 it won a gold medal at the „International Gdansk Choir Festival“, in the same year the choir won a silver medal at „Advent and Christmas Choir Festival“ in Krakow (Poland).

In July 2015 CHORUS OSTRAVA won gold and silver medal at prestigious choral festival „The Singing World“ in Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

At the end of the year 2015 the choir won two gold medals and special award for dramaturgy at „Advent and Christmas International Festival“ in Bratislava (Slovakia).

In 2016 the choir won a gold medal at the International Choir Festival „Zlatna Vila“ in Prijedor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, as well as the special prize for the best contemporary work.

In summer 2017 the choir was awarded 3 gold medals and absolute victory in the the international choral competition „X. Orientale Concentus“ in Singapore.

In autumn 2017 the jury honored CHORUS OSTRAVA again with the gold medal in the first year of the „VOCE MAGNA“ competition held in Žilina (Slovakia).

Not far the last success CHORUS OSTRAVA recorded in the „55. Internationaler Chorwettbewerb“ held in july 2018 in Spittal an der Drau (Austria).

In September 2019 CHORUS OSTRAVA won the 2nd place in the category of folk art and 3rd place in the category of mixed choirs on „Rimini International Choral Competition“ (Italy).

At the International Competition Festival „Musica Orbis Gloria 2021“ in PRAGUE (Czech Republic), the choir was awarded a gold belt by the jury.

From the „IFAS“ International Competition Festival in PARDUBICE (Czech Republic), the choir brought home 2 gold belts in the folklore categories and the Bohuslav Martinů prize.

CHORUS OSTRAVA cooperates with Janáček philharmonic Ostrava, Janáček conservatory orchestra Ostrava, an Orchestra of musicians from Příbor and the Folk song band Kotci from Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.

The choir’s repertoire encompasses almost all choral genres, from vocal polyphony to the works of contemporary composers. Some of its members are choirmasters of their own ensembles which helps CHORUS OSTRAVA to attain high artistic standards.