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Chorus Ostrava, pěvecký sbor při Ekonomické fakultě
Vysoké školy báňské – Technické univerzity Ostrava


Ekonomická fakulta VŠB

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účast na Mezinárodním soutěžním festivalu "Orientale Concentus" v Singapuru byla realizována s finanční podporou Statutárního města Ostravy.


účast na Mezinárodním soutěžním festivalu "Orientale Concentus" v Singapuru byla realizována s finanční podporou Ministerstva kultury České republiky

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Statutární město Ostrava podpořilo projekt "Chorus Ostrava na Mezinárodním festivalu sborového umění "The Singing World".



GIVT box 211 211




M g r. P e t r a R A Š Í K O V Á, * 1 9 8 1

Choirmaster and artistic director of CHORUS OSTRAVA

Petra Petra Rašíková graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University in 2005, studying Teaching for General Subjects for Secondary Schools – Musical Education and Conducting, under the leadership of prof. Lumír Pivovarský. She has gained valuable choral experiences in Children´s Studio Permoník, Ostrava University Choir and in The Ostrava Female Teacher´s Choir.
Currently she is a conductor and an art leader of the Orlová Grammar School Mixed Choir with whom she has achieved great success in our country as well as abroad - Mexico, Switzerland, and India. She also works at the primary school in Orlová as a conductor of Kopretina Children´s Choir and she teaches solo singing at the Art Music School in Orlová-Poruba. Since September 2013 Petra Rašíková has become a conductor of the university choir CHORUS OSTRAVA, based at the Faculty of Economics in the Technical University of Ostrava.
One of her biggest achievements includes winning a gold medal at the Competition of Conducting of Pedagogical Faculties in Prague in 2002 and she also holds several awards for exceptional performance in conducting.
In 2010 The Czech Choral Union awarded Petra Rašíková to be the best Junior Conductor.
She is a member of the professional council of secondary choral singing called Nipos Artama Praha.
She sits on the jury in regional and nationwide choir competitions.

P r o f . L u m í r P I V O V A R S K Ý

* 1 9 3 1 † 2 0 1 4

Choirmaster and artistic director of CHORUS OSTRAVA

lumir cena mesta ostravy Professor Pivovarský is a graduate of Palacký University, Olomouc, where he studied under Bohumil Berka, the conductor of the Moravian Philharmonic. For many years he was a professor at the Department of Music Education, University of Ostrava, where he trained choirmasters. In 1966 he founded the University of Ostrava Choir, which he led for 42 years until his retirement from the University, achieving many notable artistic successes in choral competitions both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is the author of several university textbooks and has published widely in specialist journals. Together with the artistic director Lubomír Mátl, he is one of the choirmasters of the Choral Association of Moravian Teachers.
In October 2008, Professor Pivovarský and CHORUS OSTRAVA won the Jindřich Boška prize at the international choral festival of Romantic music in Vlachovo Březí in recognition of his many years of outstanding achievements as a choirmaster.